Late Summer and Early Winter – Hiking through the Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area

Two people sitting next two camp fire, with nothern lights in the background
Campfire and northern lights

I strongly felt the urge to go for a hike a couple of weeks ago, so I decided, as so often in the past years, to hike in – or actually through the Pöyrisjärvi wilderness area. Once again. With a friend we enjoyed a wonderful hike, including the last summerly days of this year, as well as the first snowfall, which delighted us toward the end of our hike. We started in Hetta, came by Pöyrisjärvi, and ended our hike in Kalmkaltio, in the east of the Pöyrisjärvi wilderness area. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Crossing Näkkäläjoki on the Way to Olkojärvi – A Short Trip into Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area

Lake Olkojärvi and Ounastunturi fells in the background
Lake Olkojärvi with Ounastunturi fells in the background

After a busy summer and not doing much hiking, the autumn colours and the predicted sunny weather made me decide to go on a short hiking trip in the region. Since I aimed to avoid popular hiking routes, I decided to once again hike into the Pöyrisjärvi wilderness area, and found Olkojärvi as being a seemingly nice spot (according to the map). Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Bike & Hike to Pyhäkero Fell – Eating Cloudberries in the Sun Set

A single, ripe cloudberry in the fields
One of the many cloudberries along the way

Another beautiful day was inviting us to bike up to the Pyhäkero open wilderness hut, from where we continued our journey to the summit of the Pyhäkero fell. After reaching the summit just in time for the sun set, we enjoyed the scenery while eating some delicious cloudberries that we picked on the way. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article