Skiing in Tyrol

With two friends we went for a short skiing holiday to St. Johann in Tyrol. For the skiing we went either to the Fiberbrunn or Kitzbühl skiing area. One day it was snowing too much to be able to leave with the car, since the roads were not cleaned of snow and anyway there would have been no sight. So instead we helped a local farmer to feed game animals, going up on the alps with a tractor. So we still had a great day, even though without our skiers. Continue reading “Skiing in Tyrol”


My BootsIn Summer a friend of mine and I made an attempt to hike the summit of the mountain Säuleck. Unfortunately my hiking boots were a bit old already, so on the second day, after leaving from the Arthur von Schmid house the sole went of. It was not possible to continue the trip, thus we had to turn around. The shoes were so bad, that I had to take them off at some point and to continue barefoot. Continue reading “Säuleck”

Mountains of Death – attendance #2 – plus Bernese Oberland

Trümmelbach FallsAgain I had a strong feeling emerging, that I would need some more heavy earache through live music. Since I loved the Mountains of Death Festival so much the year before, I decided that I should go to Muotathal again. This time I joined some people for the train ride from Vienna. Then at the Mountains of Death festival I met a guy who I often have seen at concerts in Vienna. He was traveling on interrail and since I was on vacation anyway, I joined him for a few days after the festival.

It turned out to be a great decision: by train we went to Interlaken, where we build up our tents for a few more nights, making some exciting day trips. Continue reading “Mountains of Death – attendance #2 – plus Bernese Oberland”

Mountains of Death – attendance #1

Mountains of Death VITime for some more live music: With two friends we decided to have some festival fun embedded in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. After a night on a campside close to Zürich we went to the city Schwyz (which is the capitol of the canton with the same name), to make some more shopping (deliciuos steaks we got :-p ) before entering the valley Muotathal, where the Mountains of Death festivals was taking place.  Continue reading “Mountains of Death – attendance #1”

Hiking in the Austrian Alps

Oberer BockhartseeAfter i came back from Sweden, Andi, a friend of mine and me planned a hikingtrip through the Austrian alps. Since I bought a new tent, we decided to test our equipment first. The mountain “Mittagskogel” is part of the Austrian border to Slovenia and close to the city of Villach, where Andi and I grew up. We knew this mountain very well so that’s why we decided to check out our equipment here.

It was a hot day in June 2005 when we started our hike in the late afternoon with our very heavy backbags. Continue reading “Hiking in the Austrian Alps”

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