Short Visit to Inari. Just Long Enough, for Sauna and Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Above Inari

In December in Rovaniemi, the sun doesn’t stay out long, for two days the sun doesn’t show up at all. Not long enough for a friend and me, so we decided to head North to Inari for a few days, to enter total the Arctic night and the total absence of direct sunlight. We rented a cottage in order to get some pleasant sauna turns in the frosty winter landscape, just under the beautiful moon light. And, as if this wouldn’t have been enough, some Northern Lights enhanced the basic brightness provided by the moon, to brought us most a pleasant and delightful atmosphere. Continue reading “Short Visit to Inari. Just Long Enough, for Sauna and Northern Lights.”

Reindeer Round Up

Reindeer Round UpIn Lapland all reindeers are owned by someone, even if it seems that they run around freely. Following an old tradition, every reindeer gets an earmark, curved with a knife some weeks or months after it’s birth, to proof the ownership. This is done in spring time. It is easy to find out to who a new born belongs to, since they still walk around with their mothers. In autumn the reindeer are brought together again, this time Continue reading “Reindeer Round Up”

Donauinsel and Vienna

Power Plant FreudenauHere are some pictures of Vienna that I took before moving away from the city.

The first pictures, taken in March, are showing the Donauinsel (Danube Island), which is an artificial island for flooding protection, but also serves as a recreational area. It is pretty long though and from the eastern end you are already pretty close to the airport.

The second set of pictures (from July) were taken in the 2nd district, where Continue reading “Donauinsel and Vienna”

Flak Towers in the Augarten (Vienna)

G-Tower, AugartenFor years I was taking the tram line no. 5 on the way to the university, and I was always amazed by the contrast, that the Jewish private school to the L-tower in the Augarten is producing. This is especially true for the winter time, when the day light is rather low, and lights inside the school are turning the painted windows into a sea of life, where behind the school the monstrous tower is standing. Unfortunately, though several attempts, Continue reading “Flak Towers in the Augarten (Vienna)”

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