Winter Arrived. Talking a Walk over Ounasjärvi at -40°C

Colorful sky over frozen lake
Lake Ounasjärvi

Eventually winter seems to have arrived. For a couple of the days the thermometer went to down as low as to -40°C. Since the the polar night is ending soon, reason enough to go for a walk over Ounasjärvi to enjoy the natural lights of the dark season.



After this winter so far was relatively warm, a few days ago finally some colder air arrived, bringing winter temperatures to Lapland. Unfortunately the wonderful polar night will end soon, so this combination was inviting to go for a short walk. Since we anyway needed to run some errants, we decided to walk on the lake instead of inhaling bad emissions from cars along the road. Fortunately we just did our walk in the afternoon, when the twilight went over into darkness, and most beautiful colors lighted up the sky …

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