Where the hell does this track go to?

A track going to the unknown .. Let's follow it
A track going to the unknown .. Let’s follow it!

Today, when the sun was out and we went for a short afternoon skiing trip in the sun, we decided to once not follow the skiing tracks, but rather taking the long forest skiers, and just go North ..

I always wanted to go that way, however, the swamp along the brook that way always kept me from doing so. One of the great things of winter is: You don’t need to carry about such issues. Just take your skiers or snowshoes, and go wherever you want. In that case we followed some snow mobile tracks and later a frozen brook, until we suddenly stood in front of Pahtajärvi. Well OK, it wasn’t a big surprise as we knew and must be there somewhere around, but anyway we followed the right directions and reached this place by randomly choosing the way.


Not far from civilization
Not far from civilization – some agricultural area close to Pahtajärvi

On the other hand, so far I reached the lake from the summer trail (also in winter), so it was to – for a change – also see the (frozen and under snow covered) Southern shore. Discovering there some buildings and a kind of a reindeer compound or agricultural area reminded me, that we were still close to Enontekiö. Thus, also the way back on the regular skiing track was rather quick – to our favor, as we didn’t plan to go for a long trip and hunger made us already think about our kitchen …



Skiing to Pahtajärvi
Skiing to Pahtajärvi
Skiing to Pahtajärvi
Close to Pahtajärvi
Skiing to Pahtajärvi
Looking at Pyhäkero
Skiing to Pahtajärvi

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