Visit to Wood Workshop: Where Beautiful Kuksa and Puukko are made

man sitting in work shop, smoothening wood on a machine
In the workshop

A few days ago a visited my friend Eeriki, who is making Kuksa (traditinal Lappish wodden cups) and Puukko (traditional Lappish knifes) since over 35 years. With this kind of experience it is clear that very beautiful pieces of handicrafts are leaving his work shop.



Last week a dear friend from Austria was visiting me in Enontekiö. Since she got interested in traditional Lappish handicrafts such as Kuksa (wooden cups) or Puukko (knifes), we went to visit to a friend of mine – Eeriki, who has decades of experience in making wooden handicrafts. In my opinion Kuksa and Puukko coming from his workshop are of high quality and very pretty. Also my visiting friend agreed on this, and so we watched Eeriki while making a knife for my friend.

Link to Eriki’s facebook site:

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