Vermont, Montreal & NYC

Mount HungerAfter coming from Russia I took a flight from Stockholm to Burlington in Vermont. I got picked up by a good friend who lives in Montpelier, where I also stayed – and also visited some other friends. The amazing luck that I had was, that on my 2nd day there I got invited to join for a beer festival (Backwoods Brewdown), which was really great. However, most of the time in VT I spent with either going swimming or hiking. Swimming we went to several lakes and ponds (and brooks), for hiking we chose Grotton State Forest, Skyline trail (Mount Worcester, Mount Hunger, White Rock) and onto the Camels Hump. One day we also visited a show of the Bread and Puppet Circus and the Museum there. But again one month runs by so quickly, and before I even recognized it, I was sitting again in an airplane, flying back to Europe …

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