Too Much Water for the Kemijoki River – Rovaniemi in Spring

Flood in RovaniemiLast week in Enontekiö I got amazed, on how quickly approximately 30 cm of snow can melt away: It was really an abrupt warming, that let the quicksilver jump up to the 10°C line for days. In combination with some additional rain, the rest of the snow cover was washed away pretty fast, leaving only a few white spots in-between the trees.

A few days later and about 300 km downstream of Ounasjoki, where the river is flowing into the Kemijoki river, I became witness of the outcome of such a quick thawing: In Rovaniemi (but also in other places) the amount of water was a bit too much for the river(s), flooding some roads and houses. Attached I have a few impressions, how Kemijoki looked yesterday (the 21st of May), when the water level reached its maximum in Rovaniemi.

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