The Night Has Gone – Dinner at Rautujärvi

RautujärviRecently I was feeling like having a late dinner at the Rautujärvi laavu. Since I usually enjoy it pretty much to ski (only) in the atmospheric night light, I was wondering how much night there still is at this time of the year. In the cities and villages this is always a bit tricky to figure out, since the light pollution even in small places are interfering quite much with the natural light situation.

Anyhow, as i grilled my semi-delicious makkara on the birch tree heated stove at the Rautujärvi fire place, I had to accept that winter is definitely over now. Not only the green spots between the trees and the wet snow conditions where favouring this presumption, but especially the absence of darkness was a very clear sign. What remains is the hope, to still find some more nice days or evenings, to go out with the skiers, before the snow will be gone.

The pictures were taken in front of the fire place, looking at Pyhäkero or to the North.

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