Sunset on Pyhäkero – Enjoying Skiing in the Evening

Sun very low on the horizon, with reddish light
Sunset on Pyhäkero

Often when I’m skiing I’m passing by Pyhäkero fell, but I hardly ever make it up to the summit during winter time. This time I decided to make the peak of Pyhäkero the goal of a short skiing trip, and to enjoy the sunset from up there – since soon there won’t be a sunset for a long time.

Taking the Sammalvaara skiing trail up to Pyhäkero, this was a nice approximately 40 km round trip, with an altitude difference of about 430 m from lake Ounasjärvi up to the summit. Continue reading “Sunset on Pyhäkero – Enjoying Skiing in the Evening”

The ’46 km for 360° of Pyhäkero in 48 Hours’ Round Trip

Pyhäkero fell
Pyhäkero in a view close from Hetta

The peak of Pyhäkero is the most visible part of the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park when looking from Hetta toward South – toward the national park. Several trails are leading to – or over the Pyhäkero fell. For our weekend trip, we chose to make ski around the Pyhäkero fell, including one overnight stay at the Sioskuru open wilderness hut, instead of just taking the shortest way up. Continue reading “The ’46 km for 360° of Pyhäkero in 48 Hours’ Round Trip”

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