Spring Time Skiing on Pahtajärvenreitti, and More Birches Coming Out of the Snow

Spring time skiing on Pahtajärvenreiti
Spring time skiing on Pahtajärvenreitti

In the past few days, the sun was shining and blue sky was inviting for skiing trips. Unfortunately we were rather busy, but on Thursday we finally had some time for a short skiing trip. The skiing tracks were in very good condition, and partly looked almost as new. We decided to once again make a short round on the Pahtajärvenreitti, North of Hetta, Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Taking the Pahtajärvenreitti to Närpistö Laavu And Wondering: Is It Already Spring?

Crossing Pahtajärvi
Crossing the frozen Pahtajärvi

After skiing towards the South the day before, we decided to also ski a bit towards the North and visit the Närpistö lean-to shelter (once more), along the Pahtajärvenreitti. Like the days before, it was again rather warm (especially for mid February), and I had the feeling it would be some time in the middle of spring. Why: Because it actually was pretty warm (just a few degrees below zero), the the snow felt wet and not winterly, but maybe even more because of the way the trees looked like. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article