Another Website Project Finished:

Besides working on my own website(s), I also helped one of the local shops here to a new web appearance. Koru Laakso, so the name of the shop, is not only making and selling silver jeweleries, but is also one of the three parties in Hetta that offer a boat ferry service over the lake Ounasjärvi during the summer hiking season, as well as a car transfer service (especially between Pallas & Hetta). These two services are quite popular for hikers and it is quite useful to find this information (contact details etc.) before coming to Enontekiö – or Pallas. I hope I have helped to make this service easier to find now.
So if you are interested in these services, or in traditional Lappish jewelery, have a look at – it’s accessible in three languages (fi/en/de).

Ice Fishing on Ounasjärvi

drilling an ice hole on frozen lake
Ice fishing on lake Ounasjärvi

Now that it gets warmer again during the days, not only skiing and playing ice hockey are possible outdoor activities, but also ice fishing  becomes way more attractive than during the colder season. It is still though some work to drill through the ice: after shoveling away about 30 cm of snow, there still has been a layer of approximately 60 cm of frozen Ounasjärvi water. However, after succeeding with the warm up operations, the relaxing ice fishing can begin! Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Sunrise today at 10:12. Sunset today at 14:10. Length of day is 3 h 58 min.

JyppyrävaaraThe days are getting shorter quickly and the Arctic night seems to become tangible. Currently the day length decreases by ten to eleven minutes every day (The headline, by the way, I stole from todays weather forecast site of the Finnish meteorological institute).

The other information I found on that site, which however also was obvious by looking out of the window, was that today was a clear sky. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Last Bike Trip in First Lasting Snow – Lunch at the Frozen Pahtajärvi Shore

Laavu at Pahtajärvi
Laavu at Pahtajärvi

Last weekend – and thus mid of October, apparently this years winter started. There has been already a few centimeters of snow in late September, however, now that the temperatures are persistent below freezing, conserving the snow and keeping it from melting away again. And so, the few centimeters of snow from early last week are still remaining. Since there is more snowfall predicted for the upcoming days, we decided to once again take out our bikes, and ride them through the forest, where soon we will be only able to ski or walk with snowshoes.

It turned out to be easier than expected, even though the trails were quite slippery of course. Maybe it helped that we Continue to the photo gallery and the full article