Short Visit to Inari. Just Long Enough, for Sauna and Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Above Inari

In December in Rovaniemi, the sun doesn’t stay out long, for two days the sun doesn’t show up at all. Not long enough for a friend and me, so we decided to head North to Inari for a few days, to enter total the Arctic night and the total absence of direct sunlight. We rented a cottage in order to get some pleasant sauna turns in the frosty winter landscape, just under the beautiful moon light. And, as if this wouldn’t have been enough, some Northern Lights enhanced the basic brightness provided by the moon, to brought us most a pleasant and delightful atmosphere. Continue reading “Short Visit to Inari. Just Long Enough, for Sauna and Northern Lights.”

Reindeer Round Up

Reindeer Round UpIn Lapland all reindeers are owned by someone, even if it seems that they run around freely. Following an old tradition, every reindeer gets an earmark, curved with a knife some weeks or months after it’s birth, to proof the ownership. This is done in spring time. It is easy to find out to who a new born belongs to, since they still walk around with their mothers. In autumn the reindeer are brought together again, this time Continue reading “Reindeer Round Up”

Hiking in the Khibiny and Lovozero Mountains (Russian Lapland)

Khibiny MountainsMy friend Andi and me made a long planned hiking trip into the Khibiny mountains, on the Kola peninsula in summer. For me it was the first part of an almost three months lasting trip. First we went by train to Moscow to visit a friend before we went on by train to Apatity, from where we took a taxi to Kirovsk, visiting another friend for a few days. We used this time there to get some better maps for the region, since there are no marked trails Continue reading “Hiking in the Khibiny and Lovozero Mountains (Russian Lapland)”

By Train From Vienna to Murmansk

Kirovsk, City Center

The winter 2006-2007 in Vienna was no winter at all: hardly ever that the temperature went below 0 °C, hardly any snow. That of course is reason enough to plan a trip further north, to catch up with some winter impressions.

Looking on an European train map Murmansk popped immediately into my eyes. After a short talk with my friend who joined me for that trip it was pretty soon clear where we will spend our vacation: Mostly in the train, but not without seeing several interesting places such as St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Kirovsk, Belomorsk and Warszawa. Continue reading “By Train From Vienna to Murmansk”

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