May Triathlon: Biking, Skiing and Grilling. A Night on Jyppyrävaara.

Sunset past 10pm
Looking to the North: Sunset past 10pm

On a nice early May evening with some friends we wanted to make a fire and grill some food at the lean-to shelter on the top of Jyppyrävaara, in Hetta. Since the melting of snow and ice continues fast, not every passage that has been maintained as a skiing tracks is snow covered any longer. Thus, I needed to take my bike for a short ride, with the skiers attached to my backpack, to reach a spot where the tracks were still in bearable conditions. After a short trip with the skiers I arrived on Jyppyrävaara, where we enjoyed some grilling action in a bright and almost cloudless night. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Skiing in the Sun Again! Pahtajärven Polku in late January

Skiing in the sun, on Pahtajärven Polku
Skiing in the sun on Pahtajärven Polku

Mathematically, the sun should be back in Enontekiö since 5th of January, however, it took until the 19th, when I was finally walking again in direct sun light for the first time since Kaamos (= polar night) is over. Unfortunately, that day the walk to the bus station – which brought me into the natural brightness of the big yellow thing – took me just a few minutes, so I haven’t been able to spent a long time in the sun. Nevertheless, after I have been away for a week, I gratefully took out my regular cross country skiers, for a short run in the sun when it returned. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Sunrise today at 10:12. Sunset today at 14:10. Length of day is 3 h 58 min.

JyppyrävaaraThe days are getting shorter quickly and the Arctic night seems to become tangible. Currently the day length decreases by ten to eleven minutes every day (The headline, by the way, I stole from todays weather forecast site of the Finnish meteorological institute).

The other information I found on that site, which however also was obvious by looking out of the window, was that today was a clear sky. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Last Bike Trip in First Lasting Snow – Lunch at the Frozen Pahtajärvi Shore

Laavu at Pahtajärvi
Laavu at Pahtajärvi

Last weekend – and thus mid of October, apparently this years winter started. There has been already a few centimeters of snow in late September, however, now that the temperatures are persistent below freezing, conserving the snow and keeping it from melting away again. And so, the few centimeters of snow from early last week are still remaining. Since there is more snowfall predicted for the upcoming days, we decided to once again take out our bikes, and ride them through the forest, where soon we will be only able to ski or walk with snowshoes.

It turned out to be easier than expected, even though the trails were quite slippery of course. Maybe it helped that we Continue to the photo gallery and the full article