What an Arrival: Backwoods Brewdown in Greensboro, Vermont

Crossing Pahtajärvi
Backwoods Brewdown Campfire

In the first night in the US, after traveling for a few days from Lovozero – in the high North of Russia, to Vermont – in the Northeast of the United States, my friends, who I was visiting, asked me if I would be interested in joining them to a small beer festival in the region. They didn’t have to wait long for an answer .. Continue reading “What an Arrival: Backwoods Brewdown in Greensboro, Vermont”

Mountains of Death – attendance #2 – plus Bernese Oberland

Trümmelbach FallsAgain I had a strong feeling emerging, that I would need some more heavy earache through live music. Since I loved the Mountains of Death Festival so much the year before, I decided that I should go to Muotathal again. This time I joined some people for the train ride from Vienna. Then at the Mountains of Death festival I met a guy who I often have seen at concerts in Vienna. He was traveling on interrail and since I was on vacation anyway, I joined him for a few days after the festival.

It turned out to be a great decision: by train we went to Interlaken, where we build up our tents for a few more nights, making some exciting day trips. Continue reading “Mountains of Death – attendance #2 – plus Bernese Oberland”

Mountains of Death – attendance #1

Mountains of Death VITime for some more live music: With two friends we decided to have some festival fun embedded in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. After a night on a campside close to Zürich we went to the city Schwyz (which is the capitol of the canton with the same name), to make some more shopping (deliciuos steaks we got :-p ) before entering the valley Muotathal, where the Mountains of Death festivals was taking place.  Continue reading “Mountains of Death – attendance #1”

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