Sonnblick & Hocharn: Hiking Trip in September 2001

Hocharn, seen from Sonnblick

In September I once again hiked the Sonnblick, this time accompanied by my friend Clemens, and extending the trip with also climbing the Hocharn the next morning. It was one of the most silent mountain experiences I have had in the alps. The whole hike up to the Hocharn as well as on the summit, my friend and me didn’t meet any other people. This fact together with the amazing weather, that allowed us to have a view as far as to the Lienzer Dolomiten and the Pyramidenkogel made this tour unforgetable!

There has alreadz been some fresh snow before we started our trip, however, during the day, the still warming sun was melting it away. Thus made some parts quite tricky: The first hour over the glacier (starting from the Zittelhaus, on top of Sonnblick) there was no way of hiking without spurs. But when we reached the first ridge, we had to take them off. However, the rock was totallz covered bz a thin lazer of ice, less than a centimeter of thickness, but still slippery as hell. However, finally after we climbed up that ridge and continued our hike, we had to be most careful on the very icy trail. But it was totally worth it, as standing on the summit of Hocharn was one of my most wonderful hiking experiences in the alps.

Schareck and Sonnblick
On the summit of Hocharn

view from the summit of Sonnblick

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