Skiing Under the Midnight Sun

When I said, “Last X-Country Skiing for the Season”, I didn’t mean last skiing trip. Since the polar day started a few days ago I was eager to go for a short skiing trip under the midnight sun. Once again – and with a friend – we decided to ski up to Pyhäkero.

While it has been very warm in the past two days, with temperatures above 10°C, there still is plenty of snow. My concern, however, has been that the snow wouldn’t carry any more. So with a friend we skied along old snowmobile tracks up to the Pyhäkero open wilderness hut. While the compressed snow on the tracks held our skis well, as soon as we came above the tree line on the Pyhäkero fell the snow could not carry our weight any more. Obviously the high temperatures of the past two days made the snow rotten. Nonetheless we came high enough to enjoy a nice view over the landscape. A clear sky contributed to make it possible to ski under the midnight sun.

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