Skiing to Pahakuru – in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

On the Easter weekend we took advantage of the warm spring weather and well maintained skiing tracks, to carry a pulk with our backpacks and some food to the open wilderness hut Pahakuru, to stay there for one night. On the next day – on the way back – it was much more windy, though still sunny at the beginning. However, after Sioskuru there was no sight anymore, so heavy winds and strong snowfall kept me away from taking more pictures ..

In the gallery are some impressions of the surroundings of the skiing tracks that connect Hetta with Pallastunturi. Pahakuru, in approximately 25-30 km distance to Hetta, is pretty much in the middle on the way to Pallas.

Towards Sioskuru
Pulk on the way ...
View from Pahakuru
Pahakuru Open Wilderness Hut
Windy Way Back

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