Short Skiing Trip to Puljutunturi

With some friends we made a short skiing trip up to Pujutunturi. I was hoping to see the sun for the first time after the polar night, and came close to it ..

The polar winter here is officially over since about 2 weeks, but so far I haven’t seen the sun yet. With some friends we decided to go for a short skiing trip, and ski up Puljutunturi, as we passed by there on our way. I was hopeful that from up the fell I would be able to see the sun for the first time since the polar night has ended. And indeed I got close, just some thin clouds hanging in front of it.

The winter has been great. We finally had a winter again with a few properly cold days, as low as -44.3°C. Also on the morning we left for this skiing trip we had temperatures around -30°C, although on top of the fell it was of course much warmer (maybe -20?). Yet, as it was windy it felt chilly, and the old fire watch hut on top of the fell also illustrates that.

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