Short Bike-Trip up Pyhäkero on First Snow

Yesterdays snowfall has brought the first snow cover for this year. While I don’t expect the snow yet to last, I wanted to take advantage and ride my fat bike up on Pyhäkero ..

Snow Biking on Pyhäkero

Taking advantage of the first I snow cover, I took out my fat bike and decided to try cycling up Pyhäkero. I managed almost all the way up to the lake Pyhäjärvi. Only the last Kilometer I couldn’t manage. While the snow cover is less than 10 cm, on the top wind had accumulated more snow on the trail. Too much for my bike. Thus, after watching a small reindeer herd grazing near trail for some minutes, I turned around and enjoyed the downhill.


This time I only had a phone with me for taking pictures.

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