Red IPA – Recipe

My own recipe for a Red IPA creation, that smells fresh and fruity, with hints of lemon and mango, but comes with a lot of bitterness.

Original Wort: 17,5° Plato
Bitterness: 85 IBU
Color: 33 EBC
Alcohol: 7,2 %
Amount: 26,4 l



Pale Ale Malt 81 % 5,5 kg
Carahell 8 % 0,54 kg
Caramünch Type II 8 % 0,54 kg
Acidulated Malt 3 % 0,2 kg
The malt that I used to brew my Red IPA
Malt ingredients for brewing Red IPA


main: 21.7 l
sparging: 15.8 l

Mashing Schedule

Mashing In @ 63 °C
13 min. @ 58 °C
45 min. @ 63 °C
30 min. @ 71 °C
Mash Out @ 78 °C



Mangum 14 % alpha 28 g before boiling
Magnum 14 % alpha 37,3 g 70 min
Cascade 7,7 % alpha 18,6 g 30 min
Cascade 7,7 % alpha 9,32 g 10 min



After boiling I got about 25.2 l to which I added American Ale Yeast.

Dry Hopping

While cooling down the wort, I brought 1 l of water to boil and added another 28g of Cascade (7,7% alpha) in nylon tights to the hot water, and let it soak for about 30 min. Then I added the water and the tights to the fermenter and only took it out before bottling (26.4 l).


The Result

Turned out as my best beer so far: It has a beautiful copper-red color, the foam is fine and stays on the glass. It smells fresh and fruity, reminding on lemons with a gentle mango aroma. It tastes rich and a bit sweet, which goes fine along with the strong bitterness. I perceive it as a very strong but fresh beer.

I will add some images later …



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