Polar Day, Early Summer, 28° C and Sunshine: Swimming in Leppäjärvi Area

sand dune and lake
Lake near Leppäjärvi village

As I already reported, this year the summer arrived pretty early. Since the mosquitoes on the other hand did not arrive yet, it is the perfect time to be outdoors and go for a relaxing swim in the evening. This time we went to Leppäjärvi, close to the Norwegian border.

The polar day has finally arrived last week, which means for this region, that the sun won’t set for two months. The past two or three weeks have been very dry (at the moment there is a forest fire warning in place for the whole Finland) and very warm (up to 28° C). Because of the fire warning, it wouldn’t be vise (and actually forbidden too) to make a fire. So instead of enjoying the (still) absence of mosquitoes and riding a bike through the forest, we decided to take advantage of the exceptional good and warm weather of this year’s early summer. I joined two friends to the Leppäjärvi village, where one of them showed me around in the place where she grew up. Attached are some images from and around the lake, where we went swimming to ..

Lake near Leppäjärvi
Sand dunes and Lakes
Flowering Lingonberries
Strange circes around grass
Strange circes around grass
Lake near Leppäjärvi
Swimming near Leppäjärvi

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