Pahtajärvi Again. And This Time Without Mosquitoes!

Finally, the mosquitoes are gone!

PahtajärviSummer seems to be over, some birch trees and a number of shrubs and grasses already changed their colors, signaling the arrival of autumn. It was time; the mosquitoes really took away a lot of the fun that’s supposed to accompany bike trips through the forest. Nevertheless, there are still tons of other annoying, biting midges, but at least they are not as quick as their bigger brothers and sisters.

So, thanks to the absence of the most famous Nematocera, our nerves lasted to go as far as to the Närpistö laavu, to grill some semi-delicious makkara there and enjoy the beautiful landscape. As I wrote earlier in the blog, riding the bike that way is sometimes quite tricky and not easy, but still it is possible and allows to reach the Närpistö laavu in a short time.


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