Looking for the Sun – Cross Country Skiing on Jyppyrävaara

Since about a week the sun light has found its way back to the village of Hetta. Reason enough to ski up on Jyppyrävaara in hope to be able to enjoy some direct sun light ..


Today I wanted to go for a short skiing trip up on Jyppyrävaara, to see the sun again. While last week I got a short glimpse of the sun in the village, I was hoping to be able to ski again in the direct sun light. Due to the polar night that just recently ended I haven’t been in the sun for about two months now. And also today, clouds hindered me to achieve this endeavor.

Nonetheless, the wonderful snow landscape makes every moment outdoors most precious. After having had a week with about -35 degrees Celsius, the -20 degrees felt cozy and warm, which made this short skiing trip just wonderful and very enjoyable.

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