Last Skiing Trip of the Season?

Setting sun over spring landscape
Sun still shining at 21:30

Since this year spring arrived very early, I am kind of afraid that my today’s skiing trip might have been the last one for this season. Since I hardly ever took any pictures this winter from my trips, I made a few quick shots with my mobile phone camera today ..



I didn’t post much about my skiing trips this winter, partly because I went skiing on trails I have already been posting about, but even more because I hardly ever took a camera with me. Instead of taking pictures I simply enjoyed the nice weather, the snow, the forests and fells, as well as skiing itself. Furthermore, I often went without any luggage, so I wouldn’t have been able to take a camera with me. Today, nonetheless, I took out my fairphone (advertisement intended ;-) to take a few pictures, as I am afraid it could have been the last time to go skiing this season. This winter was quite warm in general, and spring came very early. It seems that the snow will be gone about one month earlier than in the long term average. So while I enjoyed skiing still in May in the past years, it is anything but certain that I will be able to do it this year as well. Since I will be traveling next week, I am really afraid that today might have been the last day where I could enjoy going on my skiers. Also the sun is already getting nasty again, and it is not getting dark anymore during the nights. The warm temperatures of the past week(s) and the long shining sun have melted the snow rapidly away. Last week skiing felt like water skiing, and without klister for very snow no grip was possible anymore with the classic cross-country skiers. Today in the evening, after I had prepared my skiers for wet snow, the slush was surprisingly freezing, and I was glad that I had ice klister with me as well. Downhill went super fast, and so together with the nice view of the sun setting, it turned out to be an enjoyable short skiing trip. Nonetheless, summer is getting frighteningly close. Consequently, I am already pretty much looking forward for the next winter to start, and for more possibilities to go skiing ..


Late sun set
Sun set
Skiing tracks
Skiing towards Hetta
Icy skiing tracks

At around 9:30 pm, the sun was still shining

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