Ice Breaking on Lake Ounasjärvi – A Visit to Kotiseutumuseo

wodden sauna building flooded during spring flood
Kotiseutumuseo sauna building during spring flood

Slowly also the ice on lake Ounasjärvi breaks and disappears, leaving over the spring flood. Some images from the Kotiseutumuseo near Hetta ..




Slowly also the ice on lake Ounasjärvi is breaking open and starts to disappears. All the spots with open water are filled with many different kind of birds, which found their ways back north for the summer season. Due to the quick melting of snow and ice, the brooks, rivers, and lakes are carrying high water, as it also becomes visible on the shore of lake Ounasjärvi, like for example at the sauna building of the Kotiseutumuseo near Hetta. Here a wonderful old sauna building usually stands on the shore of the lake, on a nice sand beach, where also some sorted stones form the fire place and where the skeleton of a laavu as well is located on the beach. Now, during the spring flood, the beach as well as the sauna stands under water. Anyhow, Kotiseutumuseo is always a nice place for a short visit, to have a look at the beautiful old buildings – where, as we realized, also our bicycles fit in to the scenery very nicely.

Floating skiing tracks
Kotiseutumuseo sauna
Our bicycles

compressed snow from skiing tracks floating on the lake during the spring ice break

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