Hetta During the Polar Night – A Short Walk by -36 Degrees Celsius

village center with grocery shop and snow covered road
Center of Hetta village

The sun hasn’t been showing up in Hetta since about two weeks by now. With the absence of light, also the cold of a polar winter came by for a short visit over the past weekend. Here are some images from a walk in the village center of Hetta ..

The last weekend was quite cold, with temperatures around -40 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The lowest temperature I have recognized in the past days was, when a car thermometer (unsuccessfully) suggested to stay inside, by showing -44.5 degrees Celsius. Also on Monday, when I came home from shopping, our thermometer still seemed literally frozen at -36 degrees Celsius. When I then went for a short walk, to run some errands, I took my camera and tripod with me, and made some shots from the center of the village Hetta. So, that’s how it looks during a winter afternoon, on a working day.

Heating plant next to school
Church of Enontekiö
Church of Enontekiö
Bus Stop
Village Centre

Center of Hetta on a cold December afternoon

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