Hannover – Icehockey Qualification Round for the Olympic Games and a Visit to Würzburg

Fortress Marienberg, WürzburgI combined visiting a friend in Göttingen and in Würzburg with going to some ice hockey games for the qualification round of the Olympic games (Austria, Germany, Japan and Slovenia where playing). After watching the games (in the disgusting TUI arena) in Hannover I went to Würzburg, walking around for two days, having a closer look at the city. So far I almost always just changed the train in Würzburg, so it was finally time to stay a bit longer there. I have to say that the city is frighteningly strong affected by christian church, the architecture and sculptures are pretty inhuman (aggressive, violent, etc.), but thus reflecting Christianity pretty well. Anyhow, I enjoyed my stay and especially the delicious local, dark beers.

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