Frozen Palosenjärvi

Pink color from sunset reflecting on lake ice
Lake Palosenjärvi

While the first snow has melted away again, the past days were cold enough that some lakes froze; such as the lake Palosenjärvi, which I visited with a friend this week.



Unfortunately plus degrees returned for a couple of days, and with the rain that came along with the warmth also the snow got washed away. Nonetheless the past days have been cold enough for at least smaller lakes to freeze – lakes such Palosenjärvi, which is close to Hetta. I doubt, nonetheless, that the ice is thick enough for ice skating yet, so hopefully a few more cold days – without precipitation – will do the trick and allow for some fun winter activities.

While the ice cover on lake Palosenjärvi was not thick enough for skating, it did, however, contribute to a beautiful scenery during the sun set, which currently is at around 4 pm.

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