Dry Early Winter: Still Biking Through the Forests …

Mountainbike standing on trail between frozen trees
On a short winter-bike trip

Since about two weeks the temperatures are mainly below freezing. However, because of the dry weather, there is not really any snow yet. As much as I am waiting for making use of my skiers, I enjoyed another short bike trip on the Pahtajärvi Trail – this time at about -10 degree Celsius.

Although it is safe to say, that the winter has arrived about 2 weeks ago, there is still not really any snow yet. So far, the weather has been rather dry. Also yesterday it was nice weather with an almost clear sky, but also quite cold with about -10 degree Celsius. However, with the beautiful weather on my mind, I decided to go for short biking trip. Once again I choose to take the approximately 18 kilometres long Pahtajärvi trail, which also passes by the Närpistö lean-to shelter, north from Hetta. When I left, it was already rather late, since the days are getting shorter and shorter very quickly now, and I am almost surprised every day I spent outside, how early the sun goes down. At the moment, the sun sets at about half past five (and rises around nine). With the colder getting temperatures and the appearance of winter, also the colours of the landscape are changing once again. While the trees have lost their leaves already in September, the first few snowflakes and the first frost slowly started to cover the land with a decent white, while the sunsets and -rises as well as occasional northern lights are painting the sky with beautiful colours.


Pahtajärvi Trail
Pahtajärvi Trail
Frozen Bog
Bike-Footprint Along the Trail
Along Pahtajärvi Trail
Pahtajärvi Trail
Frozen Bog
Bike in the Sunset
Tree after Sunset
Rising Moon
Bike on the Trail
After Sunset

Biking Trip on Pahtajärvi trail

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