Crossing Kilpisjärvi and Hiking through Malla Strict Nature Reserve

rocks, mountains, and lake
On Malla

In August a good friend of mine visited me in Enontekiö, and we decided to spend a couple of days in the wonderful surroundings of of the lake Kilpisjärvi, and to go for a short hike in the beautiful Malla Strict Nature Reserve.



After a cloudy and rather cold summer, the last days of August turned to become sunny and warm. Together with a friend from Austria, who visited me in Enontekiö, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and to go for a short hike in the Kilpisjärvi region. After enjoying a shore sauna experience on the first evening, we took a boat to cross the lake Kilpisjärvi, which brings one close to the three border point of Finland, Norway, and Sweden. After quickly walking a few rounds through these countries we took the wonderful hiking trail through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve, back to Kilpisjärvi. Even though I have already been doing this short hike a couple of years ago, I enjoyed every second of this trip also this time again ..

Toward Skiboten
Boat "Malla"
3 Border Point
Malla & Kilpisjärvi
3 Border Point
Waterfall on Malla
Malla & Kilpisjärvi
Pikku Malla

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