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Me reading a book
Me reading the book “Arctic Marine Governance”

Lately I haven’t done many updates of the blog, which is simply because I haven’t done any outdoor or other activates but working. Soon my final thesis (Diplomarbeit) will be finished, which I will make available online.

Some little pieces of the research I have carried out for my thesis have, however, already been published: Just last week the post delivered me a copy of the book “Arctic Marine Governance,” in which I have contributed to the chapter:

Kamrul Hossain, Timo Koivurova and Gerald Zojer (2014): Understanding Risks Associated with Offshore Hydrocarbon Development. In: E. Tedsen, S. Cavalieri, & R. A. Kraemer (Eds.): Arctic Marine Governance. Opportunities for Transatlantic Cooperation. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 159-176.

The Article is also available online (unfortunately not free), under:, where you can also find an abstract.

Another Website Project Finished:

Besides working on my own website(s), I also helped one of the local shops here to a new web appearance. Koru Laakso, so the name of the shop, is not only making and selling silver jeweleries, but is also one of the three parties in Hetta that offer a boat ferry service over the lake Ounasjärvi during the summer hiking season, as well as a car transfer service (especially between Pallas & Hetta). These two services are quite popular for hikers and it is quite useful to find this information (contact details etc.) before coming to Enontekiö – or Pallas. I hope I have helped to make this service easier to find now.
So if you are interested in these services, or in traditional Lappish jewelery, have a look at – it’s accessible in three languages (fi/en/de).

Some notes on the blog …

Now it is exactly one and a half years, that this blog went online, and a lot of things were added in the mean time. Besides all the content that has been published, also many features were added. The reason for this post thus is, to highlight and discuss a few of them.

  • RSS: One of the first gadgets I added was the RSS module, that allows you to easily follow this blog, by getting new posts delivered straight to your mailbox or browser – or whatever RSS reader you are using. (you can find this feature either in the right navigation bar or at the bottom)
  • Google translate: Even though I have a German mother tongue, I decided to write this blog in English and to keep it in this one language only (mainly because it means much less work for administration & writing). However, as you might already have seen, I added Google’s automatic translation tool in the navigation bar on the right. Despite the fact that such a translation tool is never very appropriate, it offers the possibility to translate to much more languages than I will ever be able to learn :-)
  • Social Network: One of the later gadgets I have added is an easy possibility to share the posts via social networks. Since I am (yet?) not active in these networks, I so far didn’t consider it as important. However, I occasionally got addressed with this issue, so I finally decided to integrate a simple share option at the end of each post (and the site).
  • Accessibility: Another issue that is important and has been on my mind for quite a while is accessibility – another part of the latest developments; further thoughts about it also motivated me to write this post here, simply because I need your help: Since i understand that common web design can make it hard for some people to access the information, I tried to implement some features, that makes it easier for everybody to follow my posts (resize text, contrast, skip links, audio function). However, especially with this issue I am also limited in understanding the needs of all blog readers, so that’s where your help is appreciated: If you have any difficulties with listening/reading/experiencing this blog, please let me know what can be improved, and define your difficulties with the accessibility of this blog, so that I am able to further develop the site and make it even more accessible.

What will the future bring?

So much about the past & present, but what will the future bring? Of course I will try to continue to regularly post some impressions of my surroundings, which I have been able to catch with my camera. I will also try to further improve my English skills, to make the posts more clear. But I am also planning to open up another category with content, despite picture galleries and travel stories. So, if you got interested now in what this could be – then stay tuned! For now I’d like to say thanks a lot for following my blog and for commenting my posts.

Santa Claus – The Movie

As I announced some time ago, the Santa Claus movie went online in December and is available for download at:


Some Information about the movie:

This is none of the common merrily Santa Claus movies, showing him in his uniform or at work. No, this movie tells the real story about Santa Claus, showing him in his private life.

For a long time Santa Claus was living alone and depressed at the remote Korvatunturi, until god told him, that he should try to find an additional job or a hobby, to bring his miserable life in order. So Santa decides to move to Rovaniemi, where he starts to study at the university, hoping to find new friends.

After his arrival he meets some exchange students who are – like him – also living in Kuntotie, where he joins a reading group. Unlike the other students, his main interest in this group is not in the academic value of the readings, but rather in having some company – or even better: in finding a girl friend. However, due to his disinterest in the readings, the group starts to get a little bit upset at Santa. Also with the girl that Santa starts dating, not everything is working out the way he hoped it would ….



Enjoy watching it!

Homepage in new design & the upcoming Santa Claus movie

Last week I finally relaunched my website in a new design, you can find it under

However, regular updates of my trips and photos from my hikes and so on will remain in my blog, while the website will become a platform to release certain projects I was working on.

Which will happen for example with the Santa Claus movie, where the soundtrack now has been recorded and the movie is in the final stage of editing. It will be released in December.
…. erm – yes, 2011.