Rautujärvi in Summer – Without Getting Wet Feet!

PyhäkeroIn Winter it’s easy and comfortable to get to Rautujärvi from Hetta, by just crossing the lake Ounasjärvi and having a short distance skiing trip up to the lake. In summer however, reaching the very same destination becomes a bit more tricky: The trails that can be found in various hiking maps are all winter tracks (that cross different lakes and mires). In order to avoid getting wet feet, the idea was Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Swimming Under the Midnight Sun – Bike & Hike to the Pyhäkero Summit

Lako On PyhäkeroFor approximately two months, the sun does not sink below the horizon in Hetta, peaking around the 20th of June. Looking forward to the 21st of July, when the night finally should start its fight for a comeback in the Enontekiö region, a short trip to the lake on Pyhäkero was supposed to utilize some advantages of the (still) continuing brightness. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Short Visit to Inari. Just Long Enough, for Sauna and Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Above Inari

In December in Rovaniemi, the sun doesn’t stay out long, for two days the sun doesn’t show up at all. Not long enough for a friend and me, so we decided to head North to Inari for a few days, to enter total the Arctic night and the total absence of direct sunlight. We rented a cottage in order to get some pleasant sauna turns in the frosty winter landscape, just under the beautiful moon light. And, as if this wouldn’t have been enough, some Northern Lights enhanced the basic brightness provided by the moon, to brought us most a pleasant and delightful atmosphere. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article