Sturmbock-Stellung aka. Järämä Fortification in Enontekiö

World War Second left its footprint all over the European Arctic, and one manifestation can be found in Enontekiö, where the Järämä Fortification – aka. the Sturmbock-Stellung has been built. Today, an open-air museum keeps the remainders of the Järämä Fortification accessible and in shape, allowing to get a view on this  impressive sight. Continue reading “Sturmbock-Stellung aka. Järämä Fortification in Enontekiö”

Walk to One of the Oldest Buildings in Lappi: The Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church

On the way to Pilpajärvi ..The polar day has arrived, and yet the amount of mosquitoes can still be counted easily on one hand. Being for a short visit in Inari, a walk to the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church seemed very inviting. Not because of visiting a Christian sanctuary of course, but because the walk there is really nice and can also be managed if you don’t have much time. Continue reading “Walk to One of the Oldest Buildings in Lappi: The Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church”

Flak Towers in the Augarten (Vienna)

G-Tower, AugartenFor years I was taking the tram line no. 5 on the way to the university, and I was always amazed by the contrast, that the Jewish private school to the L-tower in the Augarten is producing. This is especially true for the winter time, when the day light is rather low, and lights inside the school are turning the painted windows into a sea of life, where behind the school the monstrous tower is standing. Unfortunately, though several attempts, Continue reading “Flak Towers in the Augarten (Vienna)”

Hiking in the Khibiny and Lovozero Mountains (Russian Lapland)

Khibiny MountainsMy friend Andi and me made a long planned hiking trip into the Khibiny mountains, on the Kola peninsula in summer. For me it was the first part of an almost three months lasting trip. First we went by train to Moscow to visit a friend before we went on by train to Apatity, from where we took a taxi to Kirovsk, visiting another friend for a few days. We used this time there to get some better maps for the region, since there are no marked trails Continue reading “Hiking in the Khibiny and Lovozero Mountains (Russian Lapland)”

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