Pahtajärvi Again. And This Time Without Mosquitoes!

Finally, the mosquitoes are gone!

PahtajärviSummer seems to be over, some birch trees and a number of shrubs and grasses already changed their colors, signaling the arrival of autumn. It was time; the mosquitoes really took away a lot of the fun that’s supposed to accompany bike trips through the forest. Nevertheless, there are still tons of other annoying, biting midges, but at least they are not as quick as their bigger brothers and sisters. Continue reading “Pahtajärvi Again. And This Time Without Mosquitoes!”

Rautujärvi in Summer – Without Getting Wet Feet!

PyhäkeroIn Winter it’s easy and comfortable to get to Rautujärvi from Hetta, by just crossing the lake Ounasjärvi and having a short distance skiing trip up to the lake. In summer however, reaching the very same destination becomes a bit more tricky: The trails that can be found in various hiking maps are all winter tracks (that cross different lakes and mires). In order to avoid getting wet feet, the idea was Continue reading “Rautujärvi in Summer – Without Getting Wet Feet!”

Pahtajärvi – The Secret Shelter of the Mighty Mosquito

PahtajärviJust a few kilometer North of Hetta is Pahtajärvi, a worthy detour on the foot- or bike way to Näkkälä; or also a possible round trip via the Fell Lapland Nature Center Skierri – or Jyppyrävaara respectively.

In winter an easy skiing track, in summer mainly for hikers; but it is also possible to ride a mountain bike (most of the way), even though the trail is very demanding! Continue reading “Pahtajärvi – The Secret Shelter of the Mighty Mosquito”

Swimming Under the Midnight Sun – Bike & Hike to the Pyhäkero Summit

Lako On PyhäkeroFor approximately two months, the sun does not sink below the horizon in Hetta, peaking around the 20th of June. Looking forward to the 21st of July, when the night finally should start its fight for a comeback in the Enontekiö region, a short trip to the lake on Pyhäkero was supposed to utilize some advantages of the (still) continuing brightness. Continue reading “Swimming Under the Midnight Sun – Bike & Hike to the Pyhäkero Summit”

Kilpisjärvi & Malla Strict Nature Reserve

KilpisjärviIn August I took my bike, put a trailer on its end and went to Kilpisjärvi. After four days sitting on my bike, I arrived during heavy rainfall in Kilpisjärvi, where I then attended an almost two weeks lasting summer school. Within the school we had a lecture at the three border point (Finland, Norway, Sweden) and afterwards hiked back through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve. After the summer school was over Continue reading “Kilpisjärvi & Malla Strict Nature Reserve”

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