Boat Hike during Spring Flood on Käkkälöjoki

With a friend we used the high water levels toward the tail of the spring flood, to hike up and row down Käkkälöjoki.

Like in the previous years, with a friend we took advantage of the high water levels toward the end of the spring flood, for a multi day boat hike. This year we started from the bridge between the villages Vuontisjärvi and Peltovuoma, and hiked up Käkkälöjoki into the beginning of the Suukisjoki river.

It seems that with every year we get faster with this exercise. It took us 2 days to reach Suukisjoki, where we spent a night in the nearby Nallatupa open wilderness hut. On the way down we went almost to the end of Käkkälöjoki (where it runs into Ounasjoki). After another break there, we continued to move boat back through Ounasjoki and Perillajärvi to Hetta.

Unfortunately, as before, there are only a few images, as carrying the boat up the river, or manoeuvring it down, requires both hands as well as plenty of concentration :-)

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