Sturmbock-Stellung aka. Järämä Fortification in Enontekiö

World War Second left its footprint all over the European Arctic, and one manifestation can be found in Enontekiö, where the Järämä Fortification – aka. the Sturmbock-Stellung has been built. Today, an open-air museum keeps the remainders of the Järämä Fortification accessible and in shape, allowing to get a view on this  impressive sight. Continue reading “Sturmbock-Stellung aka. Järämä Fortification in Enontekiö”

Pyramiden – An Almost Abandoned Mining Town on the Svalbard Archipelago

During our visit to Svalbard, Pyramiden was one of the place that my traveling friends and me were eager to sea. The settlement gives a great example of sustainability challenges to single industry towns. Staying there overnight, we had the chance to see several buildings from the inside. For the time being, Pyramiden appears almost like a ghost town .. Continue reading “Pyramiden – An Almost Abandoned Mining Town on the Svalbard Archipelago”

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