The Ruins of the Kilpisjärvi School Building

burned out camper and burned down building
Burned down school and caravan

Every year in May a huge ice fishing competition is taking place in Kilpisjärvi. During that time thousands of people are coming to the village. This year one caravan that was parked next to the school building caught fire, which then spread over the wooden building. The students and inhabitants of Kilpisjärvi will now have to wait about two years for a replacement. Continue reading “The Ruins of the Kilpisjärvi School Building”

Midsummer in Lapland: Traditional Kilpisjärvi Ski Race

frozen lake in front of mountain
Saanajärvi and Saana fell

Since the mid 1940s in Kilpisjärvi, in the northwest of Finland, close to the Norwegian border, a ski race is carried out during midsummer. While not participating, I visited this year’s edition of the midsummer ski race as a spectator, before continuing a “night hike” in the vicinity of Kilpisjärvi and the Saana mountain. Finally some snow again! Continue reading “Midsummer in Lapland: Traditional Kilpisjärvi Ski Race”

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