The End of the Polar Night, the Return of the Cold!

Violet light in the sky during polar day, when looking north
Looking North

While this year’s polar night is coming to an end, the previously absent cold has returned. After the past few weeks have been cloudy and warm, the sky has now cleared up again, and brought back temperatures that would have been expected during the polar night. Yet, the sun does not shine in the village (although today I saw some trees in the sun light, up on a hill), but the periods of daylight are getting longer every day. Here are some images from a short walk, showing the special light conditions at the end of this year’s polar night, at around -30 degrees Celsius. Continue reading “The End of the Polar Night, the Return of the Cold!”

Predicted Northern Lights Do Not Happen! Night Skiing on Jyppyrävaara.

cross country skiing tracks in the moon light
Skiing tracks on Jyppyrävaara in moon light

After a medium sun storm has been reported, its solar burst was predicted to hit the earth’s atmosphere yesterday evening, giving a good chance of seeing some nice northern lights. Thus I decided to take my camera with me, when I went for a short skiing trip up on Jyppyrävaara mountain, close to Hetta. But as so often, when above average solar activity has been observed, I once again did not see any exciting northern lights. Nevertheless, I have been able to enjoy one of the very rare clear nights in the past weeks ..

Continue reading “Predicted Northern Lights Do Not Happen! Night Skiing on Jyppyrävaara.”

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