Sunset on Pyhäkero – Enjoying Skiing in the Evening

Sun very low on the horizon, with reddish light
Sunset on Pyhäkero

Often when I’m skiing I’m passing by Pyhäkero fell, but I hardly ever make it up to the summit during winter time. This time I decided to make the peak of Pyhäkero the goal of a short skiing trip, and to enjoy the sunset from up there – since soon there won’t be a sunset for a long time.

Taking the Sammalvaara skiing trail up to Pyhäkero, this was a nice approximately 40 km round trip, with an altitude difference of about 430 m from lake Ounasjärvi up to the summit. Continue reading “Sunset on Pyhäkero – Enjoying Skiing in the Evening”

Spring Time Skiing to Hannukuru – Sunshine and Sauna

skiing tracks in the fells
Skiing tracks on Ounastunturi

While I have been traveling for about a week, I was looking forward to come back home to Enontekiö and to take advantage of the snow before it is gone. When a friend told me, he was planning to ski to Hannukuru from Pallas, I thought, it would be a pretty good destination for meeting him and furthermore to jointly enjoy the amazing sauna in Hannukuru. Continue reading “Spring Time Skiing to Hannukuru – Sunshine and Sauna”

Article Published

Me reading a book
Me reading the book “Arctic Marine Governance”

Lately I haven’t done many updates of the blog, which is simply because I haven’t done any outdoor or other activates but working. Soon my final thesis (Diplomarbeit) will be finished, which I will make available online.

Some little pieces of the research I have carried out for my thesis have, however, already been published: Just last week the post delivered me a copy of the book “Arctic Marine Governance,” in which I have contributed to the chapter:

Kamrul Hossain, Timo Koivurova and Gerald Zojer (2014): Understanding Risks Associated with Offshore Hydrocarbon Development. In: E. Tedsen, S. Cavalieri, & R. A. Kraemer (Eds.): Arctic Marine Governance. Opportunities for Transatlantic Cooperation. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 159-176.

The Article is also available online (unfortunately not free), under:, where you can also find an abstract.

I Saw the Sun! Day and Night in Hetta, and Coldness Sustains.

Very low standing sun behind church skyline
Looking into the sun

Last week, when I went for a short skiing trip, I got to see the sun for the first time in about six to eight weeks. Even though the sun is back, it still is really cold outside, and because of the sun remaining low, there is yet no warmth coming form the sun. However, the cold left some beautiful rime on the trees, making the landscape look magically. Continue reading “I Saw the Sun! Day and Night in Hetta, and Coldness Sustains.”

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