Last Ice Disappearing – Swimming Season Opened! Some Impressions from Inari and Abisko

Midnight sun in Inari
Midnight sun at lake Mutusjärvi, in Inari

A sudden temperature change finally melted down the snow and ice, making the waters easily accessible for swimming – without the need for an ice driller or an ice saw. That is – not yet everywhere in Lapland: While this was true for Inari, at the higher elevated Abisko for example, the lake Torneträsk was still frozen last week. Nevertheless, this year the spring – or actually rather summer arrived pretty early. I experienced this surprisingly warm weather in several places in Lapland … Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

May Triathlon: Biking, Skiing and Grilling. A Night on Jyppyrävaara.

Sunset past 10pm
Looking to the North: Sunset past 10pm

On a nice early May evening with some friends we wanted to make a fire and grill some food at the lean-to shelter on the top of Jyppyrävaara, in Hetta. Since the melting of snow and ice continues fast, not every passage that has been maintained as a skiing tracks is snow covered any longer. Thus, I needed to take my bike for a short ride, with the skiers attached to my backpack, to reach a spot where the tracks were still in bearable conditions. After a short trip with the skiers I arrived on Jyppyrävaara, where we enjoyed some grilling action in a bright and almost cloudless night. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article