Skiing in the Sun Again! Pahtajärven Polku in late January

Skiing in the sun, on Pahtajärven Polku
Skiing in the sun on Pahtajärven Polku

Mathematically, the sun should be back in Enontekiö since 5th of January, however, it took until the 19th, when I was finally walking again in direct sun light for the first time since Kaamos (= polar night) is over. Unfortunately, that day the walk to the bus station – which brought me into the natural brightness of the big yellow thing – took me just a few minutes, so I haven’t been able to spent a long time in the sun. Nevertheless, after I have been away for a week, I gratefully took out my regular cross country skiers, for a short run in the sun when it returned. Continue reading “Skiing in the Sun Again! Pahtajärven Polku in late January”

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