Santa Claus – The Movie

As I announced some time ago, the Santa Claus movie went online in December and is available for download at:


Some Information about the movie:

This is none of the common merrily Santa Claus movies, showing him in his uniform or at work. No, this movie tells the real story about Santa Claus, showing him in his private life.

For a long time Santa Claus was living alone and depressed at the remote Korvatunturi, until god told him, that he should try to find an additional job or a hobby, to bring his miserable life in order. So Santa decides to move to Rovaniemi, where he starts to study at the university, hoping to find new friends.

After his arrival he meets some exchange students who are – like him – also living in Kuntotie, where he joins a reading group. Unlike the other students, his main interest in this group is not in the academic value of the readings, but rather in having some company – or even better: in finding a girl friend. However, due to his disinterest in the readings, the group starts to get a little bit upset at Santa. Also with the girl that Santa starts dating, not everything is working out the way he hoped it would ….



Enjoy watching it!

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