Homepage in new design & the upcoming Santa Claus movie

Last week I finally relaunched my website in a new design, you can find it under http://www.gerald-zojer.com

However, regular updates of my trips and photos from my hikes and so on will remain in my blog, while the website will become a platform to release certain projects I was working on.

Which will happen for example with the Santa Claus movie, where the soundtrack now has been recorded and the movie is in the final stage of editing. It will be released in December.
…. erm – yes, 2011.

Autumn in Rovaniemi

OunasjokiUnfortunately I was/am quite busy in autumn this year, so i didn’t have any time to go for a hike. However, the other day, when there finally was some sunlight coming through the persisting, thick layer of clouds, I decided to go out for lunch and thus made myself a cosy fire at Kunikaan Laavu (on Santavaara), to grill some makkara. On the way back I took advantage of having the camera with me, and also shot some autumn impressions around the city center of Rovaniemi … Continue reading “Autumn in Rovaniemi”

Kilpisjärvi & Malla Strict Nature Reserve

KilpisjärviIn August I took my bike, put a trailer on its end and went to Kilpisjärvi. After four days sitting on my bike, I arrived during heavy rainfall in Kilpisjärvi, where I then attended an almost two weeks lasting summer school. Within the school we had a lecture at the three border point (Finland, Norway, Sweden) and afterwards hiked back through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve. After the summer school was over Continue reading “Kilpisjärvi & Malla Strict Nature Reserve”

Short Trip to Helsinki and Petrozavodsk

Stairs in front of the Finnish parliament, in Helsinki
Stairs in front of the Finnish parliament, in Helsinki

In May I attended a summer school (International Summer School of Karelia) which took place in Helsinki and Petrozavodsk. Besides education and watcing ice hockey world championship, I also had some time for taking pictures on our excursions. I had chosen to leave my digital camera at home and instead take my 1951 built Rolleicord III K3B with me, with a few Kodak TriX 400 and Adox CH50 film rolls. It was actually quite a story to be able to develop these films .. Continue reading “Short Trip to Helsinki and Petrozavodsk”

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