Skiing in Tyrol

With two friends we went for a short skiing holiday to St. Johann in Tyrol. For the skiing we went either to the Fiberbrunn or Kitzbühl skiing area. One day it was snowing too much to be able to leave with the car, since the roads were not cleaned of snow and anyway there would have been no sight. So instead we helped a local farmer to feed game animals, going up on the alps with a tractor. So we still had a great day, even though without our skiers. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Hannover – Icehockey Qualification Round for the Olympic Games and a Visit to Würzburg

Fortress Marienberg, WürzburgI combined visiting a friend in Göttingen and in Würzburg with going to some ice hockey games for the qualification round of the Olympic games (Austria, Germany, Japan and Slovenia where playing). After watching the games (in the disgusting TUI arena) in Hannover I went to Würzburg, walking around for two days, having a closer look at the city. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article