Picture of the Day: Last Skiing

Well, there is the last skiing, and there is the last skiing. 20°C plus. The ice still holds, and the snow still carries somewhat on the lake Ounasjärvi. So I took some skiing equipment out again from the storage, where it was already waiting for the summer to pass, to reactivate my skates and to go for some summer fun skiing ..

Skiing on the lake Ounasjärvi

Picture of the Day: Skiing in the Fells. Again.

Last cold day = Last skiing day. From tomorrow on it looks like it will be to warm to continue skiing, as the snow may not carry any longer. Yet: That is tomorrow. Today the snow conditions were still great, so I went for another skating trip into the fells..

mostly snow covered fell landscape with some soil already visible
Skiing with Outtakka in the background

Picture of the Day: Skating in the Fells

Ok, this is not a picture, it is a video. Let’s call it motion picture and we’re in the right category. Anyhow, after a few warm days with plus degrees, it cold again and the snow carries well. As the maintained skiing tracks are damaged by snowmobiles, with a friend we went took our skating skis and headed into wilderness area. Here’s a short video motion picture of skating through tundra and fells ..

Picture of the Day: Last River Crossing

While the first snow disappeared, judging by the weather forecast it looks like today’s snow will stay until spring. With a friend we had some business on the other shore of Käkkälöjoki. After breaking open some ice along the shore we were to set out for a last crossing with the boat. The next crossing will be over the ice :-)

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