Evening at Luovuomajärvi

A person fishing on lake shore

Fishing at Luovuomanjärvi

After the very warm May, snow has rapidly disappeared. Much more, since weeks there has been hardly any precipitation, making the ground very dry. In fact, since days a forest fire warning is in place (for the entire Finland, btw.). Thus, making a camp fire is not possible currently. Good that we didn’t catch fish at Luovuomajärvi last night, when I went there fishing with some friends. Despite not grilling fish (or any other food) at the lake, we spent a nice evening sitting at the lake, watching and listening to birds, and enjoying the polar day.

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Hannukuru and Outtakka – Spring Time Skiing in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Fell in spring sun


After my recent one week skiing trip to Porojärvi, it seemed that the weather would allow for yet another short skiing trip in the Enontekiö area. As I haven’t visited Hannukuru during this season, the sunny spring weather suggested that – almost as a tradition – this could be the destination for the season’s last skiing trip. When going there, it appeared reasonable to also take a day to ski up Outtakka and have some fun with downhill skiing as well ..

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Skiing Trip to Porojärvi, in Käsivarsi Wilderness Area

Person skiing in fell area on sunny day

Skiing in Käsivarsi

While I did a lot of cross-country skiing this winter, I haven yet managed to go on longer skiing trips. Since the temperatures suddenly rose and I had some time for a skiing trip, with a friend we decided to ski to Porojärvi, in Käsivarsi Wilderness Area. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

Spring Has Arrived: Short Skiing Trip in Kalmakaltio

Snow free trees near the northern tree line

Skiing off tracks in Kalmakaltio

Spring has definitely arrived in the past days. The first days with plus degrees and wind has thrown the snow from the trees, and changed the landscape’s color. With a friend we took some Fell-Skiers and went to Kalmakaltio for a short skiing trip, to enjoy the warmth of the spring sun, off any maintained skiing tracks.

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Skiing on Pahtajärvenreitti during Sunset

snow covered trees in sun light

During sunset on Pahtajärvenreitti

After a few Centimeters of fresh snow the skiing tracks invite to go for a slow round on Pahtajärvenreitti. The days are quickly getting longer, so an afternoon round allows to harvest some of the last sun beams of the day. An enjoyable afternoon, being alone on the Pahtajärvenreitti. Continue to the photo gallery and the full article

First Sunbeams after Polar Night

snow covered trees in sun light

Sun shining on trees

Toward the end of the polar night, lasting cold temperatures (below -20°C) made the snow crystals covering the trees even more beautiful. Appreciating the wonderful weather and the almost clear sky I decided to ski up a small hill nearby. To my surprise, the top of the hill was already rached by the sun again: The first sunbeams hitting the area after the polar night. A pleasant surprise that lighted up the landscape and – after its short appearence – painting the snowy landscape in pink.

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Colorful Autumn Vegetation and Plenty of Fresh and Local Food: A Hike from Kalmakaltio to Vuontisjärvi through Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area

sun setting behind lake in tundra

Sunset in Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area

Like in the past few years, also this year I was planning to go for a hike during autumn time. Since in the past two years I was a bit too late for the most colorful time of the year – ruska – this year I wanted to leave already end of August, to experience the wonderful colors of the autumn vegetation in the Pöyrisjärvi wilderness area.

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